Baroque flowers and plants, gracefully depicted on high-quality porcelain, find their visual representation in the new tableware collection by Rosenthal meets Versace, Barocco. Taking its symbolism in ancient Greek and Baroque art, the Barocco décor was introduced by Versace in 1991. Alongside Medusa and graphic Greek key pattern since then it became a distinctive emblem of the Italian fashion house and is now having its renaissance as an exquisite tableware décor. With an artful arrangement of ornaments, the new series sets the scene for modern dining and comes in the colour variants “Haze”, “Rose” and “Teal”. In the darker „Haze“ nuance, all plates, cups, teapot and bowls are available alongside gift items, as well as snow globes in two different sizes and a new scented candle design. Only gift items like selected plates, bowls, vases and boxes with lid display the pastel shades of “Rose” and “Teal”. In all three versions, the lids and decorative elements have a noble platinum look, whereas in “Rose” variant for the first time metallic colours were used in the décor.