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The history of Loro Piana is a tale of unparalleled craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and an unwavering commitment to luxurious materials. Founded in 1924 in Quarona, Italy, by Pietro Loro Piana, this esteemed luxury brand began as a small woolen fabric producer, gradually cultivating a reputation for excellence.

Originally, the Pietro Loro Piana family traded wool in the early 1800s. Nearly a century later, in 1924, the family business evolved into Ing. Loro Piana & C.”, which manufactured and sold high quality wool fabrics in Italy. In 1941, Pietro’s nephew named Franco took over the company. In the post-war years, the company became a supplier of the finest wool and cashmere fabrics to the Haute Couture industry in Italy and abroad.

Loro Piana’s journey to prominence accelerated under the leadership of Franco Loro Piana, Pietro’s grandson. He spearheaded the brand’s expansion and its focus on sourcing the finest natural fibers from around the world. In the 70s, the company was headed by Franco’s sons Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana. The company began buying cashmere in Mongolia and China, and merino wool in Australia and New Zealand, and as early as 1994 the company was granted the exclusive right to buy vicuña wool from Peru. Renowned for their uncompromising dedication to quality, Loro Piana became synonymous with sumptuous cashmere, exquisite merino wool, and the rarest of fibers, including Peruvian vicuña.

In 2000, the company established an annual award for a bale of the world’s finest wool, which can be enough for 50 suits. In 2006, the brand launched the Loro Piana Interiors line, which contains textiles for homes, sea and air transportation and the world’s most expensive hotels. The brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices stands as a cornerstone of its identity. Loro Piana collaborates closely with local communities, ensuring the preservation of delicate ecosystems and the humane treatment of animals while obtaining these precious materials.

Beyond fabrics, Loro Piana’s expertise has extended to encompass luxurious clothing, accessories, and eventually, the realm of interior design through Loro Piana Interiors. This division offers an opulent range of fabrics, carpets, and home accessories, epitomizing refinement and sophistication for discerning clientele seeking the utmost in quality and elegance for their living spaces.

Loro Piana’s legacy is not merely about luxury; it’s a testament to a tradition of excellence, an ode to the beauty of natural fibers, and a commitment to preserving the heritage of craftsmanship. It continues to be a revered name in the world of luxury, celebrated for its unparalleled materials, timeless designs, and a dedication to the artistry of fine living.


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