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Company History

Henge, an Italian furniture company, has established itself as a significant presence in the world of high-end furniture and design. Founded in 2007 by architects Simone Micheli and Silvia Prevedello, Henge started with just a few designers and a craftsman. It has since grown into a prominent force in furniture and lighting, known for its contemporary approach to Italian design that respects long-held traditions.

From the outset, the company distinguished itself with a strongly expressed individuality, attracting international market interest in just a few years. Henge’s main priority has been to create not just unique designs, but practical and comfortable furniture. The collections interpret the contemporary lifestyle and reflect skilled Italian craftsmanship. The brand is characterized by its first-class design, founded on the use of precious finishes, innovative solutions, and attention to detail.

In 2008, the company made its debut at the Milan International Furniture Fair with a collection designed by architect Silvia Prevedello. Her work reflected the emotional and creative essence of the new Henge brand, showcasing furniture and accessories that combined decorative elements and elegance.


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