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Gianni Versace Versace Home

The talent of Gianni Versace: designer, couturier and marketer

“Fashion should be capricious and extravagant” was the thought of one of the most famous couturiers of the last century – Gianni Versace.
Eccentric and vulgar baroque kitsch for some, bright and truly extraordinary for others, his style brilliantly combined sophistication with extravagance, setting new fashion standards, and by the end of the eighties his innovative collections were enthusiastically worn by all the top celebrities of the time.

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Versace Home stote in Milan


The world of fashion has always been in search of great creators whose works become symbols of elegance and style. In this baton of talent, the Versace fashion house has a special place. It not only creates fashion trends, but also establishes its own style, which has become legendary in the world of haute couture.

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Ceppi The Italian Touch Evergreen collection

Ceppi The Italian Touch Evergreen collection, Salone del Mobile Milano 2023

Ceppi’s latest collection Evergreen presented at the Salone del Mobile Milano, marks a significant milestone in the brand’s history, as it introduces a new stylistic language and ventures into modern and contemporary luxury. The collection symbolizes a harmonious blend of captivating design and high Italian craftsmanship, reflecting over 40 years of Ceppi’s expertise in creating high-quality furnishings. 

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Ceppi The Italian Touch Penthouse Isola district


Minimal and with character, this is how the Penthouse of Isola District presents itself, where the attractive design of the furniture blends perfectly with the elegant metropolitan structure.

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CPRN Homood Dragonfly collection for living room

Dragonfly collection by CPRN Homood

Gentle forms, unusual combinations, sensory materials and sophisticated details: the Dragonfly collection by CPRN Homood offers a handcrafted and highly innovative range of furniture, whose character is strong and modern.

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CPRN Homood Shape collection for living room

CPRN Homood at Salone del Mobile Milano 2023

At the prestigious Salone del Mobile Milano 2023, Cipriani Homood, an esteemed Italian furniture company, unveiled its latest collection. This event provided a perfect platform for the brand to showcase its innovative designs and superior craftsmanship. The collection, displayed at Hall 3, Stand E14 | E16, exemplified the luxury and elegance synonymous with Cipriani Homood, further cementing its reputation in the high-end furniture market.

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