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The ancient porcelain company Rosenthal was founded in 1879 as a family business. Its founder, Philipp Rosenthal, moved his porcelain coloring workshop from Werl, North Rhine-Westphalia, to Erkerschreit, Selb, Bavaria. In 1897 he established the companies Bauer, Rosenthal & Co. in Kronach and Philipp Rosenthal & Co. AG. It later acquired the Thomas porcelain factory in Marktredwitz and Zeidler & Co. In 1921, the company became a shareholder in the porcelain manufacturer Krister Porzellan-Manufaktur (KPM) in Walbrzych, and from 1936 it was fully taken over by the Rosenthal Group. After the factory closed in 1945, the brand was revived in 1951 and continued until 1971.

During the period of National Socialism, Philipp Rosenthal was forced to leave the company because of his Jewish background in 1934. Despite attempts to limit his influence on the management and supervisory boards, the Nazis did not take direct action against him because of concerns about the company’s international reputation. Philip Rosenthal’s death in 1937 opened the way for heirs and an anti-Semitic executive committee. In 1936 Rosenthal also acquired the porcelain factories in Waldershof and Thomas in Weidenberg, and in 1939 Rosenthal Isolatoren GmbH (RIG) was established.


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