Versace and Rosenthal: the story of an outstanding collaboration

Versace Rosenthal Medusa collection

Versace Rosenthal tableware and accessories made of high quality porcelain and crystal are the result of a remarkable synergy between the two renowned brands, which has not only allowed them to expand their collections, but has also demonstrated once again the great Gianni Versace’s inexhaustible desire to realize his concept of living the Versace lifestyle. Given Versace’s commitment to impeccable quality and bold design, Rosenthal, with its long experience in porcelain production, was undoubtedly the best choice for the partnership. 

This story began in 1992. Moreover, it is important to note that the possibility of collaborations first occurred to Rosenthal Jr. in 1961, when he decided to diversify production and began to involve designers and artists. Today, the number of famous names has long passed 150. 

The collaboration between Versace and Rosenthal began under the careful guidance of Gianni himself. The first Medusa collection was launched in 1993. 

Thanks to the talent of the great couturier, it was possible to combine high fashion with everyday life, perfectly demonstrating that fashion is not only what happens on the catwalk, it is a special attitude to life. Style is revealed in the little things.

The iconic prints and fashion codes of the Versace brand began to adorn porcelain products and very quickly turned the sets into a coveted and indispensable accessory for admirers of the Fashion House. 

For example, Versace’s “Le Roi Soleil” motif evokes memories of Roman mosaics, Pompeian frescoes and, not least, its voluminous silk scarves: a few moresca dancers, a bit of an Inca king, a bit of a court envoy surrounded by baroque festoons, griffins and a sun mask.

Gold baroque elements and a bold silver Greek key frame a luxurious vase and two imposing lions in the Prestige Gala collection. Inspired by Versace’s iconic “Le Vase Baroque” print, the design is complemented by gold and platinum embellishments accented in black and turquoise.

The grand marble staircase of Palazzo Versace in Milan was the inspiration for the luxurious design of “La Scala del Palazzo”. Bold yet refined architectural elements are cut through with shimmering metallic spirals, revealing the hidden beauty and heritage of the House’s historic building.

The Versace Jungle design is inspired by the iconic Jungle print, which was repeated on the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 runway. It made history when Jennifer Lopez wore a dress with this pattern at the Grammy Awards in 2000.

Jungle Animalier combines the iconic Jungle print with animal patterns and traditional Medusa accents. The design was inspired by the iconic design, which was repeated on the Versace Spring/Summer 2020 runway as well as in the book South Beach Stories, the iconic photo album of the Versace family.

After the death of Gianni Versace, the collaboration was continued by the maestro’s sister Donatella Versace, who also became the chief designer for the development of the collections. In 2023, Versace and Rosenthal, in honor of 30 years of collaboration between the two great partners, released a limited edition collection of 30 mugs with 30 iconic decors. It became a kind of time travel, telling the story of each year of the famous collaboration.  

Today, the Versace Rosenthal brand continues to delight its fans with exclusive pieces featuring recognizable Versace designs. The author’s collections become a striking accent in both classic and contemporary interiors, providing a taste of life in Versace style, just as the great Gianni dreamed of.