Versace Home stote in Milan

The world of fashion has always been in search of great creators whose works have become symbols of elegance and style. In this baton of talent, the Versace fashion house has a special place. It not only creates fashion trends but also establishes its own style, which has become legendary in the world of haute couture.

Today, the Versace brand remains one of the most influential and prestigious in the world of fashion. Its collections continue to inspire and surprise, and each appearance of a new collection causes a wave of interest among fashion fans worldwide. Versace continues its triumphant march as a symbol of luxury, style, and innovation, and its legacy continues to inspire generations of fashion designers and beauty lovers.

This is naturally reflected in the company’s financial performance. For example, in 2023, Versace’s revenue amounted to more than a billion dollars, and the value of 100% of the Italian fashion house Gianni Versace, a minority stake of which is for sale, is at least €850 million ($1.2 billion))

It all started back in 1978, when a young and talented designer Gianni Versace, founded the company and opened his first boutique in Milan. His bright and provocative style instantly attracted attention, caused a lot of different emotions, and certainly left no one indifferent.

Since the creation of the Versace brand, more than 80 stores and boutiques have been opened worldwide.

Over the years, Versace has worked with many materials to create collections, including aluminum mesh, fused rubber, and leather.

The iconic brand’s outfits have been favorites for many notable personalities, theatrical productions such as Bob Wilson’s Don Pasquale, Salome in 1984, and Doktor Faust, and several Bejart ballet productions between 1984 and 1989.

Incidentally, the person who made the brand famous in a significant way was British actress Elizabeth Hurley after she appeared in a black silk Versace gown on the red carpet in 1994. For this, the outfit was honored with its own Wikipedia page.

Versace innovated fashion by combining extravagance with sophistication. His works became style icons of the 80s and 90s, reflecting the spirit of the time, setting new standards in the world of fashion, and stirring the attention of the most demanding public. For example, when in 2000, Jennifer Lopez appeared at the “Grammy” ceremony in a chiffon dress with a floral print and deep neckline – the photo was immediately downloaded from the Internet 640 000 times.

In just ten years, Gianni Versace was able to earn over $800 million, which sounds staggering even for our time.

In 1997, Gianni was diagnosed with ear cancer. After his death, he set up a lifetime pension for his partner, Antonio D’Amico in the amount of $26,000 every month.

At the time of his death, the great fashion designer’s fortune was estimated at $1.4 billion. The shares of his relatives in the general company he bequeathed as follows: niece Allegra (Donatella’s daughter) – 50%, brother Santo – 30%, sister Donatella – 50%.