The residence of a film producer in the heart of London. A remarkable house where passions, vocation and interests are reflected in the styling and furnishing of the space.

Page after page, like frames from a movie set, the catalogue tells the personal story of the owner, exploring a new concept of home as a place of infinite connections, where interior design becomes the mirror of a lifestyle. Housed in a bright loft, featuring wide open spaces, concrete walls, high ceilings and large windows that let in plentiful natural light, the producer dwelling is a welcoming place where comfort, beauty, style and emotion meet.

United by a modern, urban and metropolitan style, the different settings play on delicate and enveloping color palettes. Warm and tactile fabrics and precious woods are mixed, confirming the balance between intimacy and contemporaneity that defines the whole staging. Each one with its own specific and strong personality, the different areas of the house – four living rooms, one dining, one bedroom and a working area – are characterized by the presence of iconic pieces of the collection. Like characters in a movie, they interact with each other and with the surrounding environment to tell the unique and unrepeatable story of this special owner.