Stephen Tierney

Stephen’s design journey began with studies in Art History and History at UCD Dublin and in Rome, followed by Architecture at the Bartlett School in London. His professional experience includes roles at McCullough Mulvin Architects, Ian Ritchie Architects, and James Gorst Architects, as well as positions in two London-based visualisation firms. After three years of teaching design in London, Stephen now serves as a tutor for third-year architecture students at UCD.

Founded in 2004, Tierney Haines Architects, a chartered RIAI practice, has established a strong presence in Dublin, working on a diverse array of projects across Ireland. Their portfolio includes architectural and landscape design, furniture, and conservation work.

The firm’s methodology involves maximizing the potential of a building’s location and orientation through detailed landscape analysis. They view the design brief as a collaborative and creative dialogue with clients, encouraging active client participation in the design process. Their goal is to create contemporary buildings that are reflective of their time and environment.