Poliform Lab is the place where a concept is born and becomes a lifestyle

Poliform Lab signboard

When it comes to impeccable design and innovation in the world of furniture, the name Poliform is consistently among the leaders. This Italian brand is known for its commitment to quality, elegance and innovation. At the center of their achievements is the Poliform Lab, a unique trend laboratory designed by renowned architect and designer Carlo Colombo.

It is a place where tradition meets innovation, where creativity takes shape and ideas become reality, setting new standards in the world of furniture. The embodiment of Italian craftsmanship, aesthetics and impeccable quality makes Poliform a real pearl in the world of modern design.

Poliform Lab from above

The creative space covers an area of more than 13 thousand square meters, 3300 square meters of which are allocated for the showroom. A kind of stage where furniture items play the main roles. 

The modern layout of the showroom is divided into several zones. Each of them presents complete furnishing solutions that embody the fundamental values of the Poliform corporate identity.

Poliform Lab day area
Poliform Lab day area
Poliform Lab kitchen

The space is a concept reflecting contemporary trends that are increasingly dependent on individual interpretations. The Lab showroom also features areas that create a sense of home in a natural environment, where furniture and materials are closely linked to the landscape through the use of seasonally inspired plants, objects and lighting.

In the showroom, architecture and furnishings successfully complement each other and style becomes a way of life. All designs and furnishings flow seamlessly into each other, successfully completing the overall idea of the space. The diverse mix of materials and colors demonstrates the company’s ability to work on concepts bound by a coherent philosophy and unique style.

Poliform Lab day area
Poliform Lab day area
Poliform Lab night area

The company’s commitment to innovation is also evident in the production process itself, which is fully computerized. This eliminates human error, ensures strict precision down to the millimeter and maximizes production capacity: the internationally recognized brand is able to produce more than 300 items per week.

At Poliform Lab, the brand’s communication strategies take shape through the collaboration of architects, interior designers, stylists and marketing specialists.

This is the place where ideas are born, dreams are realized and collections that become world bestsellers are created. Every product that emerges from the lab is imbued with the spirit of Italian design and innovation.

Here, designers and engineers work side by side to explore new possibilities for the furniture of the future. The lab conducts research on the use of eco-friendly materials, develops new production methods and creates unique prototypes. This allows Poliform not only to follow global trends, but also to set them themselves.

Poliform Lab is a source of inspiration for designers all over the world. The works created here become a reference point for many young and experienced professionals. The lab actively cooperates with renowned designers and architects, which allows it to constantly update and expand the range.

“Poliform is a family, a team, a vision. But above all, it is a brand that, more than any other, is able to create a unique, refined and timeless elegance.”

Jean-Marie Massaud