Medusa Gorgon, Ancient Greece and Versace – the beauty that enchanted the World

Gianni Versace Medusa logo

The fatal beauty, who once struck Poseidon’s heart and became a victim of the wrath of the mighty Athena, with a deadly gaze framed by moving snakes, is a terrifying character in numerous Hellas myths, personifying both life and death. And only the great Gianni Versace was able to see in Medusa Gorgon a symbol of true feminine beauty and cunning, possessing incredible magnetism and mesmerizing charm, choosing it as the logo of the Fashion House. 

“Everyone who saw Medusa Gorgon at least once could never forget it again,” Gianni said. This is exactly how he saw his heroine. And this is exactly the kind of attitude he desired for his brand. 

All the blame lies in the beautiful Calabria, the region of Italy where Gianni was born and raised. 

The name of the Calabria region comes from the Greek words “kalon-brioni”, which means “fertile land”. This name was derived in the VIII century BC during the colonization of the territory by the Greeks, and it is obvious that references to ancient Greek culture are found literally at every step.

Gianni was interested in the history of Ancient Greece and studied the Ancient Greek language while sewing clothes in his mother’s atelier. Therefore, it is not surprising that Versace chose a symbol for his brand that would pay tribute to his roots. 

By the way, many believe that the reason for the tragic fate of Gianni lies precisely in the attraction of the dubious character of Medusa. But at the moment, this unsubstantiated opinion only confirms the fact that the world always needs legends. 

Versace Medusa logo

Meanwhile, the iconic logo played its big role in the solo career of the ambitious fashion designer and glorified his creations all over the world. Medusa became the main decoration of numerous collections of clothes, furniture, and accessories, which became a synthesis of simplicity, elegance and hypnotizing from the first seconds with the interweaving of couture, symbolism and meanings. 

For example, like these wonderful vases.

La Medusa Studded Vases are limited edition vases made of high-quality porcelain in an unusual round shape, modeled after the successful Versace handbag and decorated with the iconic Medusa emblem. 

Versace La Medusa Studded vases

Medusa Grande is an interpretation of the unusual Break the Bank piggy bank, where Medusa’s head becomes an extravagant vase.

The timelessly elegant La Medusa mini vases in fine matte porcelain take inspiration from the classic design of the Versace “La Medusa” handbag, and are available in pink, white and black porcelain in cylindrical and round shapes. 

Medusa has captivated generations with its mesmerizing amazement, commanding authority and hypnotic eye charm. And only Gianni Versace could not be petrified by her gaze, realizing that no one can kill true hypnotizing beauty.