Massimo Castagna

Since 2011, Henge has been collaborating with Massimo Castagna, an architect and designer, which has significantly enhanced the brand’s distinct character through successive collections. Massimo Castagna, born on November 13, 1957, completed his architecture degree in 1984 at Milan Politecnico. He started his career in 1986 by establishing AD Architettura. 

His extensive experience spans architecture, residential and commercial construction, preservation and restoration, hotel and interior design, art direction, and consultancy in the furnishing industry, including designing and overseeing furnishing retail spaces. Among his notable works is the “Piramide” laboratory, created for the Everest-K2-CNR scientific committee of the Italian National Research Council. Constructed in Nepal in 1991 at 5050 meters above sea level, it serves as a high-altitude research lab and was featured in the 18th Milan Triennale.