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Company History

Cipriani Homood is part of the Italian furniture group CIAC Cosmopolitan Home, led by President Andrea Caponi. Founded in 1977 by an innovative businessman in the Tuscany region, the company has been marked by high ambitions and a commitment to producing top-quality products for global export.

The company’s goal was not just to create furniture, but to design complete rooms filled with beauty, luxury, and unexpected solutions, allowing people to truly enjoy life.

The starting point for creating the furniture was the best Italian traditions, where simple lines and the use of precious materials are predominant. This furniture exemplifies the concept of simple luxury, not overly showy, but clearly capable of enhancing a room, making it cozy, refined, and exclusive.

Sofas, chairs, tables, armchairs, and beds are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, creating unique furniture pieces tailored to individual needs. The ability to create flawless items from the highest quality materials has led to international recognition, with the company’s products being exported to more than 60 countries worldwide, experiencing annual growth.