Cristián Mohaded

The collaboration between designer Cristián Mohaded and Loro Piana Interiors is deeply rooted in Mohaded’s native Argentina, specifically in the northwestern province of Catamarca. This region is where he was born and where the brand acquires vicuña, a valuable natural animal fiber. The shared values of nature and its treasures are central to the development of the Apacheta creation.

Throughout his 15-year career, Mohaded has focused on blending design and craftsmanship. As an industrial designer, he observed a stark contrast between the conventional approach to design and the unique conceptualization of design in Argentina. In Argentina, design is closely linked with artisanal work, allowing Mohaded to learn and incorporate various techniques from different parts of the country. His experiences range from working in affluent settings to remote areas lacking basic amenities like electricity and water.

Since 2017, Mohaded has also been practicing professionally in Milan, adding a global perspective to his work. In addition to his work in Argentina, this experience has provided him with international insights into the design industry. Working in industrial design in Europe and beyond often involves conforming to a certain style and homogenizing designs, a contrast to his experiences in Argentina.