Castello Lagravinese Studio 

Ceppi, known for its high-quality furnishings and craftsmanship, has launched “The Italian Touch” as a new brand and stylistic language. A notable feature of this collection is the product design and art direction by Castello Lagravinese Studio. 

Alessandro Castello and Maria Antonietta Lagravinese honed their skills in a renowned Milanese studio, focusing on product, graphic, set, and interior design. In 2008, they launched ONLYMITED, a brand showcasing a limited edition collection influenced by fashion. As artistic directors of ONLYMITED, they also collaborated with prestigious firms in both contemporary and traditional furniture design. 

Their 2014 partnership with Alberta led to the creation of the Controluce collection, a line characterized by its sophisticated tailoring and fashion-inspired finishes and details, emblematic of Italian style worldwide. Additionally, they introduced the Black collection, a unique range that brings a blend of personality and subtle humor to interior design.

The Evergreen collection, part of “The Italian Touch,” highlights a connection to nature through its choice of materials and color nuances, featuring items like the Ivy Sofa, Holly Armchair, Tulip Armchair, Cliff Coffee Table, and Daisy Bed. These products exemplify the collection’s emphasis on sophisticated design, quality materials like walnut wood and marble, and craftsmanship.