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Poliform was founded in 1970 by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani. They transformed the family furniture factory, opened as early as 1942, into a modern company. The new name marked a departure from the past, offering flexibility, simplicity, elegance and a look towards the future. 

The Poliform philosophy is centered on the belief that the objects that surround us and the spaces in which we live are an extension of ourselves, of our way of life, and that the home is not only a refuge, but also a place for socializing and meeting, in which the stories of our lives unfold. Each Poliform model is therefore conceived to become part of a living space that reflects the uniqueness and individuality of its owners.

Over the years, the Poliform range has been characterized by a close relationship with current events, demonstrating the manufacturer’s profound ability to understand the needs and tastes of an international audience, as well as to anticipate and respond to the trends of changing interior styles.

In 1996, the Varenna brand, which was exclusively dedicated to kitchens, joined the company structure. Poliform modernized production to such an extent that the factory began to produce around 120 kitchen sets per week, while adhering to an individual approach to each specific order.

In 2006, the factory presented its first collection of upholstered furniture. As of 2018, Varenna’s kitchen division is called Poliform, a demonstration of the willingness to assert even more strongly a single and consistent corporate identity.

One important element that has contributed to Poliform’s growth and success is the successful collaboration with many internationally renowned designers and architects such as Emmanuel Gallina, Rodolfo Dordoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Vincent Van Duysen, Paolo Piva, Paola Navone, Roberto Lazzeroni and others. 

Today Poliform is an international company with a global vision. The company is constantly developing, and today its products are represented in 90 countries around the world. It owes its growth to an open and strategic entrepreneurial vision and a style that speaks an international and contemporary language.


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